Ace Jones: Misadventures in a Winter Wonderland

Just in case you missed the most recent escapades of everyone’s favorite Mad Fat Girl, get it for FREE on Amazon. Enjoy!

Li'l Mad Fat Shorty! December 14, 2013

Li’l Mad Fat Shorty! (2013)

Snow deep in a winter wonderland, misadventures abound as Ace Jones is thrown face first into a dream come true.

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DOWN & OUT IN BUGTUSSLE now available wherever books are sold!

The madness! The drama! The saga of Ace Jones continues with the release of Down & Out in Bugtussle! Now available wherever books are sold! Pick up your copy today and let the Mad Fad Misadventures begin….


And you might need some Therapy with that….

June 4, 2013 (Penguin Special)

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Today is the day! ACE JONES: MAD FAT ADVENTURES IN THERAPY now available for only $1.99

At the end of Happily Ever Madder, Ace Jones has packed her bags and hit the long road back to Bugtussle, Mississippi. With her dream life smoldering in Pelican Cove, Ace’s tolerance for idiots is at an all-time low and she soon finds herself sitting in a Lee County courtroom. Facing possible jail time, Ace knows she needs to change her ways. Her two best friends, Lilly and Chloe, have become concerned about Ace’s sanity and blind side her with an intervention. Desperate for a little peace of mind, Ace reluctantly embarks on a hysterical journey through the wide world of mental health.

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Thanks so much! I hope you laugh yourself silly!

Big day today for Mad Fat Fabulousness all over the world!

I tell y’all what… It’s a Mad Fat Magnificent Day today! Why? Because today is the day that Happily Ever Madder: Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl hits unsuspecting bookshelves all over the good ol’ US of A!

I’d like to say one more time how much I appreciate everyone who bought Diary of a Mad Fat Girl -the Penguin/NAL copy and the ninety-nine cent version that I self-published. I wouldn’t be having this Mad Fat Magnificent Day if it weren’t for my wonderful readers –all of whom must have a buck wild sense of humor! I appreciate y’all more than you know!

Thanks also to everyone who preordered Happily Ever Madder and to everyone who is going out to get a copy today (or tomorrow or next week, etc. etc.).

Alrighty then! So let’s go jump on the Ace Jones Crazy Train…. Again!


There’s another one coming in July of 2013!