So today I was a porch guest at the Southern Belle View….

Y’all know I’m always on here writing all kinds of crazy stuff so it might surprise you to know that every now and then -and by every now and then, I mean about once every two or three years- I write about something serious. Well, fellers, I’ve done it again but please don’t ask me when the last time was because I do not recollect.

So I was hanging out at the Orlando Book Festival last month, when I had the pleasure of meeting Southern Belle View Sweetie Rachel Hauck. (Check her out here: She invited me to be a guest on the porch and I quickly accepted because, to be perfectly honest, I was flattered that she even knew who I was. So after taking a look at what they do over on the Southern Belle View, I knew I should be on my best behavior. With that in mind, I washed my mouth out with soap, sat down at my computer, and got busy trying real hard to think up something decent to say so as not to embarrass myself. Sadly, I couldn’t come up with anything. ImageThen, out of the blue, my Uncle Mike (that’s Dr. Michael Raines of the University of Mississippi – and I’m not bragging now, I’m just stating the facts) sent me a picture of my aunt Brenda, who we nearly lost earlier this year, and I knew then what to write. As you can see from this photograph of her strumming a giant guitar that most likely belonged to Elvis but is now a magnificent work of art in downtown Tupelo, Mississippi, she’s doing just fine now. So here it is, y’all. My serious blog about someone I dearly love: