DOWN & OUT IN BUGTUSSLE now available wherever books are sold!

The madness! The drama! The saga of Ace Jones continues with the release of Down & Out in Bugtussle! Now available wherever books are sold! Pick up your copy today and let the Mad Fad Misadventures begin….


And you might need some Therapy with that….

June 4, 2013 (Penguin Special)

Click here for info on the Li’l Mad Fat Shorty!

2 thoughts on “DOWN & OUT IN BUGTUSSLE now available wherever books are sold!

  1. I tell you what, September 2016 was a month I thought I’d never have laughter in my life again. My mother-in-law died on the 8th and my own mother had a pulmonary embolism on the 28th. Long story longer, I work in a library and kind of stumbled on “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” and was thinking this is so me right now. I started reading it and suddenly found myself laughing out loud which I very rarely do. Matter of fact, I started reading it to my mom while she was in critical care at the ER. She was pretty out of it, but it managed to give her a smile or two. She’s convalescing and I bought a large print copy for her and I’m fixin’ to buy a kindle edition for me. Talk about needing a comfort read. Man, Stephanie, thank you. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much relief reading your stuff is giving me. Please keep writing, girl.

    • You’ve made my day. Thank you. And I’m glad I could make you laugh when you felt like you couldn’t; that’s the only reason I ever wanted to write a book to begin with. I wish you and your family all the very, very best. And again, thank you.

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