Still mad. Still fat. Ace Jones is back!

JULY 31, 2020


From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, Stephanie McAfee, comes another Ace Jones Captureadventure.

The fourth full-length novel in the Mad Fat Girl series, Lord Help Us ALL is a story of friendship, heartbreak, and perseverance set against a backdrop of old school gospel, small town politics, and flowering dogwood trees.

Ace Jones is back on the crazy train only this time, she’s sure her ticket is set to expire on her thirty-fifth birthday. She knows that she needs to make some serious changes but as the fruits and vegetables rot in her fridge, she continues her long-term love affair with cold beer and pepperoni pizza. She despises the gym worse than ever but has to keep going because even her “fat pants” have grown snug…again.

Ace desperately needs a break from her life, but the only entertainment she can afford is to go junking at yard sales every Saturday morning. So now, with a collection of souvenir spoons from places she’s never been, along with a horde of touristy trinkets from other people’s vacations, her aging two-bedroom house has morphed into a five-star mess.

But Ace is about to have to put her personal problems aside as there is, once again, trouble brewing in Bugtussle, Mississippi. When a foe from the past tries to usurp the mayoral throne of her hometown, Ace sets sail once again upon the stormy waters of small town politics and religious hypocrisy.